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Angelic Healing and Magick

Who Are the Archangels?

There exists different ranks of the angelic hierarchy. Angels and Archangels are two of these ranks. Angels guide humans as individuals. Archangels protect the whole mankind. They come to us with much love, acceptance, and deep compassion.

Their duties include facilitation of life paths, soul contracts, order within the natural world, and much more. They also act as a bridge to help us receive wisdom and divine inspiration. There are 15 or so Archangels who can be called upon at any time for assistance. 


Ariel - Lioness of God

Her energy is powerful yet gentle. Oversees environmental causes, and is known to be a guardian and healer of animals. She can help you provide for your physical needs such as shelter, money, and supplies. 


Azrael - Whom God Helps

His energy is calm and patient. Described as the angel of death in Hebrew and Islamic tradition, Azrael lovingly guides departed souls to Heaven. He then consoles bereaved families and friends to help them heal from grief. 


Chamuel - He Who Sees God 

His energy is tender and sympathetic. His omniscient vision enables him to see the connection between everyone and everything. Chamuel has the ability to ease anxiety and bring personal (even global) peace. He can also help you find what you’re looking for. 


Gabriel - Messenger of God

Some faiths consider Gabriel to be male, while others perceive her as feminine. Her ultimate gift is to pass messages from God. This is why her name appears on different holy books. She is closely aligned with child-rearing and pregnancy.


Haniel - Glory of God

Her energy is graceful and soothing. She is associated with the planet Venus and the moon. Her gift is empowering spiritual practitioners to gain heightened intuition. Haniel provides guidance to those who seek to develop their psychic abilities. 


Jeremiel - Mercy of God

His duty is to help souls review their life on earth. He does not pass judgement but will be brutally honest so people can learn from their mistakes. He wants you to see the “light” of the situation so you can plan for positive change. 


Jophiel - Beauty of God

She is known as the ‘patron of artists.’ Jophiel heals negative and chaotic situations. She can help us see the beauty in our environment. She brings organization to our homes, offices, and thoughts. We can call on her when we feel insecure. 


Metatron - Highest of Angels

In ancient Jewish belief, Metatron helped Moses lead Exodus from Egypt to Israel. He is said to watch over children in Heaven and Earth. He helps those who need focus, motivation, and organization in starting a new project. 


Michael - He Who is Like God

He is described in several sacred texts to possess great strength, power, and courage. Thus, became the patron saint of police officers. He is called upon frequently for spiritual protection and cleansing. He can release you from fear and doubt. 


Raguel - Friend of God

In the book of Enoch, he is described as the overseer of all angels. He ensures that all interactions between them are harmonious. He embodies unbiasedness which is why he can bring harmony to all relationships. He can also assist with legal matters. 


Raphael - He Who Heals

He is known to help all creatures of God, not just humans. He promotes better health, helping with both inner and outer healing. He guides those who heals others such as physicians and nurses, and even spiritual practitioners. 


Raziel - Secrets of God

He embodies Divine wisdom. Ancient Jewish lore believes that Raziel hears all of the universe’s secrets because he sits so close to the throne of God. He even passed on this knowledge to Adam and Noah through a book he himself has written. 


Sandalphon - Highest of Angels

He is said to be the twin brother of Metatron. He is known for delivering prayers to God and the spiritual realm. He provides assistance to musicians, especially those who use music for healing purposes. He also heals people from aggression. 


Uriel - Light of God

Known in sacred texts as the angel who warned Noah of the great flood. His priority is to enlighten our minds with new ideas, epiphanies, and insights. You can call upon him to guide you in your intellectual pursuits.  


Zadkiel - Righteousness of God

Religious scholars believe that Zadkiel was the angel who prevented Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac. He can heal memory problems and improve other mental functions. He reminds us to be grateful and encourages forgiveness. 

When To Call On The Archangels? 

Angels are more active than many people would assume. No matter how big or small the problem may seem to you, they will make no judgements as you request for help. Consider the following situations wherein you can always call on Archangels for guidance: 

1. To find a lost object

Archangel Chamuel or Michael can help you reunite with lost objects, especially things that are close to your heart. However, there is no set time frame on when they will be able to help you find a lost item. If you’ve been asking for a long time and it's still missing, it may be that the item no longer serves you. You need to let it go. 

2. For a smooth travel plan

Most of us get nervous during long flights or cruises. You can rely on Archangel Raphael to calm your anxiety and make sure your travel plans go smoothly. He is the ultimate traveling companion who can handle every travel detail. He can make your journeys safe and peaceful because it is his mission to ensure your well-being. 

3. Facing new beginnings

Sometimes in life, we need that extra push in the right direction or some encouragement to help us believe in ourselves. Archangel Metatron can help you break away from destructive habits and align with your path of purpose. 

4. When taking tests

You might be a student who’s about to take an important test, or a manager with an upcoming business meeting. In this case, you will require a sharp and stress-free mind so you can think and answer questions with ease. Just call on Archangel Uriel and watch how smoothly things unfold.

5. To heal relationships

God gifted you with family, friends, and a romantic partner so you could experience many different expressions of love. Relationships can be joyous, but they can also be complicated.

Call on Archangel Raguel or Chamuel if you want harmonious relationships in your life. 

6. To fight depression or anxiety

If you are feeling depressed or anxious for whatever reason, calling on Archangel Raphael can help to ease your worries. He brings healing to those who suffer from anxiety or depression. He guides those who feel alone or lost, unmotivated or exhausted. 

7. To get rid of negative energies

Do you feel drained at times? Do you have people around you that seem to absorb your life-force out of you? Archangel Michael can clear negative energies from within and around you. He will protect you from negative thoughts and emotions of others towards you, you need only ask. 

How to Call on Archangels For Help? 

There is no formal training needed to ask Archangels for help. But there are some specific ways that immediately align you with a manifesting mindset. This will allow the angels to work their abilities and bring you what you need to create your intentions. 

1. Ask from the heart

Be honest. After all, you don’t have to say what you want out loud. It is a communication between you, the Archangel of your choice, and God. If you find it difficult to do so because your heart is clouded by anxiety, grief, or fear, take a deep breath and tell it to your Archangel. You can say, “At this time, I am not sure how to ask you for help. Please show me the true desire of my heart.”

2. Be specific

Being specific about what it is that you want helps the angels focus their energetic forces. Instead of saying “Please keep me safe.” A better request would be, “Keep me and my family safe throughout the flight or this difficult situation.” 

3. “I am ready” intention

Before asking, you should know exactly what you want to receive. Use this statement to ask the angels for help with just about anything. For instance, you can say “Archangel (name), I am ready to embrace/create/receive ___ for my highest good. Thank you.” While saying your request, keep your words positive and focus on what you want. 

4. Request for people or resources

Sometimes, we need the help of others to achieve our dreams, especially if it’s related to a business or a life purpose. Ask your angel to put you on the mind of anyone who can help you in any way. You can say “Archangel (name), please bless my life with the people and resources I need to create/achieve ___. Thank you.” 

5. Inspiration request

Writers, journalists, entrepreneurs, artists, etc. can reach a point wherein they might feel drained with new ideas or uninspired. The angels can reignite their brain and imagination in order to get clarity. They can use a phrase like, “Archangel (name), please give me ideas and inspiration to help me formulate/create ___. Thank you”